Local man lauded for lunch program

ENCINITAS — Encinitas resident Tim Lyons was honored by 10News for establishing a weekly lunch program for homeless people in the Encinitas area with the mission of providing food and friendship each Friday.
Lyons works as a caterer for the Rotary Club chapter in Encinitas. As a member of St. Andrew’s Episcopal church, 890 Balour Drive, he became aware of the need for food for homeless people in the area. He asked the Rotary Club to order extra amounts of food from his catering company so he could then give that food to the homeless people.
However, Lyons wanted it to be more than just a warm meal. He wanted to provide a place for people to come and talk and listen to one another. Since then, Lyons and his four volunteers serve the lunch and provide a listening ear each Friday.
The lunches began in 2001 serving 10 to 15 people a week. Since then it has grown to 100 people each week. While it began to serve the homeless in the area, it has expanded to anyone who does not have access to a hot meal on a regular basis such as migrant workers or seniors who live on their own.
Lyons and his volunteers have also organized rides for people who want to attend the lunch but may not be able to get there. He has organized a carpool to pick people up for lunch and drop them off after the lunch is over; making sure everyone has the opportunity to join.
Lyons received the 10News Leadership Award Dec. 30, in the category of Volunteerism. For more information, contact Tim Lyons at timlyons@aol.com.
The 10News Leadership Award recognizes San Diegans who are dedicated to improving our community. To nominate a friend or colleague, log on to 10News.com and click on “10News Leadership Award” to fill out a nomination form. The 10News Leadership Award committee, made up of KGTV staff members, Volunteer San Diego, and LEAD San Diego members, will review each submission. You can also send a nomination letter to 10News Leadership Award, 4600 Air Way, San Diego, CA 92102. Include your phone number and address, as well as the contact information for the person you are nominating. 10News reporter Hal Clement presents the 10News Leadership Award each Thursday at 6 p.m. on 10News Live.


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