School board elects new officers for 2010

RANCHO SANTA FE — Scot Cheatham will serve as president of the Rancho Santa Fe School District for 2010 with Jim Depolo serving as vice president. Richard Burdge was elected clerk
and Superintendent Lindy Delaney will continue to serve as secretary to the board of trustees.
Before assuming his duties as president, Cheatham had kind words for Carlie Headapohl, who stepped down as president. “Carlie has done a great job. She’s provided good community service and good leadership.”
“It’s been a huge year,” Delaney said. “Carlie has been a great leader of the board.”
At the board of trustees meeting held Dec. 7 at the R. Roger Rowe School, the chairs of the Performing Arts Center Fundraising Committee, Allison Stratton and Bibbi Conner, gave an update to the board. More than 50 people will attend a special fundraiser to be held Dec. 16 at a private residence. “There have been substantial commitment pledges,” Conner said. “People are calling us.” The committee is reaching out in the community to receive pledges and commitments for the $2 million facility. According to Conner, Rancho Santa Fe Foundation Executive Director Christie Wilson has acknowledged that contributions are being received.
At the same meeting, Project Manager Tim Ireland gave an update on the new school renovation.
“We’re now 40 percent complete,” Ireland said. “All slabs have been poured.”
This was welcome news to the board as heavy rains have occurred recently and had the slabs not been poured, the project could have been put behind schedule. The biggest concern to Ireland was changes being made by a consultant on the Performing Arts Center. The structural changes must be put past the Division of State Architect, which can be a lengthy process. Also of concern to Ireland was an access gate shared on El Fuego with the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Department. The Fire Department requested an automatic gate with a manual override. “The school is not obliged to pay for an automatic gate,” Superintendent Delaney said.
“We want to go the least expensive route,” Ireland confirmed.
The next school board meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. Jan. 14.


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