Planning Commission focuses on smart growth

OCEANSIDE — The Planning Commission work plan, which was approved Sept. 9 in a 4-0 vote, has smart growth in mind. The commission will consider the environment, transportation needs and implementation of mixed-use development as it moves forward with community vision plans to revitalize Oceanside Boulevard and Coast Highway.
“It’s the biggest work program in a very long time,” Claudia Troisi, Planning Commission chair, said.
Honing the how tos in the Oceanside Boulevard master plan and arts, technology and environment overlay district master plan are on the top of the list for the Planning Commission, as well as developing a more detailed plan on how to implement Coast Highway revitalization.
“We have the picture,” Troisi said. “We will be engaging in developing tactics to give the vision more substance. It’s really dynamic stuff.”
Environmental education is also part of the plan. The commission will work to educate residents on climate change and requirements of the California Environmental Quality Act.
The commission also said it will strive to improve the development services department’s communication with developers. Some developers have concerns that the department’s planning division is sending “mixed messages” on city development standards. Last year developers put in 63 requests to have council take a second look at Planning Commission decisions on building projects. Even though all but three of the commission’s decisions were upheld, the Planning Commission will strive to help the division keep information consistent, Troisi said.
In January, City Council will meet with the Planning Commission to focus on specific areas of the work plan to be determined prior to the meeting.


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