Taekwondo star back in town

ENCINTAS — Cory King, an 18-year-old and recent graduate of La Costa Canyon High School, honored his studio, Encinitas Taekwondo, by bringing home a bronze medal July 5 from the USA Taekwondo National Championship in Texas.
King’s win earned him a spot at the 2010 U.S. National Team trials as well as the Pan American trials. He is planning on attending Miramar Community College prior to a four-year college.
“My dream is to become an Olympic champion and one day open my own Taekwondo school to coach future champions,” King said.
King has been training in Taekwondo since he was three. According to King, “My mom thought I needed a little discipline, so she brought me to Master Smith’s school.”
Matt Smith, owner and head instructor at Encinitas Taekwondo, was King’s first master instructor and recently promoted Cory to third-degree black belt.
“Master Smith gave me my start and taught me to love Taekwondo,” King said. He also credits his success to former U.S. national team alternate Master Hyun Lee and U.S. National Team member Tim Thackery.
King teaches three days a week at the Encinitas studio, at 613 Westlake Street. For details, visit www.encinitastaekwondo.com.


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