Letters: July 10, 2009

Letter to the city of Carlsbad Finance-Parking Administration
To Whom it May Concern:
I would appreciate it if you would forward this letter on to whomever is in charge of putting on your “free” concerts. It seems to me that inadequate parking (Stagecoach Park concert June 19) and the subsequent windfall of parking citations may perhaps actually be planned to offset some of the good city of Carlsbad’s expenses of putting on these events. (At the least, it helps pay for your luxurious new office building).
So I am paying this parking citation under protest. It seems that when one arrives late to a concert and parks behind a quarter-mile line of parked cars, one can assume that this must be the last of the available parking. One does not think that one is breaking the law. The small no-parking signs that were indeed interspersed along the sidewalk were apparently not visible enough to catch our eyes, nor the eyes of the 20 or 30 other cars we parked behind — our unfortunate and costly assumption. Had we noticed them, I certainly would have inquired when we arrived at the park entrance.
Thirty-five dollars is quite a sting for me, but I am paying it since it was my brilliant idea to go see a band that was near and dear to me growing up. Being a free concert, I felt it was certainly worth the gas money for a pleasant evening. Too bad for us it didn’t work out well.
I can’t say that after walking into your granite-countered big new city office complex, that I feel like my $35 is going to be put to a worthy cause. Perhaps in this time of financial crisis, our governments should be looking for ways to cut extravagance from their budgets also. That just might include “free” concerts, I’m afraid. As we continue on the present financial crash course, this may realistically soon become our new reality.
Most respectfully,
Linda Rulli

Singing the blues at TGIF Jazz in The Parks
If you are one of the thousands of people planning to attend Carlsbad’s TGIF Jazz in the Parks concert series, you may want to be very careful where you park your car or you may end up singing the blues! It appears that the Carlsbad police have a cash cow every Friday night by ticketing cars parked “unknowingly” in bike lanes just down the road from the event on Camino de los Coches, just yards from the parks baseball fields, and in front of the Mormon Church. It’s a trap, so watch out! Just ahead of this area it’s legal to park because there is a parking lane and a bike lane, then the parking lane narrows and disappears leaving only the bike lane! Because there are so many cars parked ahead legally, and the “no parking” signs are few, small, and not very visible, it is truly a trap. Shame on the city of Carlsbad, the concert promoters, and the Carlsbad police for not taking care of this problem! It can easily be avoided if they would place “no parking —community event” signs along this problem area. People that have been receiving tickets have been angry and saddened that their pleasant evening ended with a parking ticket.
Andy Lee


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