Oceanside woman targets sex trade in Thailand

OCEANSIDE — Sandy Flores was content to live and work in Oceanside for the rest of her life until the day she heard about the NightLight organization and it changed her outlook forever. Starting July 20, she will be living in Thailand for a year serving with Nightlight Jewelry. NightLight is a group dedicated exclusively to helping women and children escape sexual exploitation from the growing sex trade industry in Bangkok.
Located in a neighborhood with a growing sex trade, Nightlight’s goal is to meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women in prostitution, their children, and those children bought illegally in Thailand to financially support their families.
These goals are met through building relationships with women and children who work in the sex trade industry and by providing a center that offers Biblical teaching, emergency aid, educational and employment opportunity, emergency child-care, language tutoring and literacy training. To finance its goals, Nightlight has built a jewelry-making business, offering alternative employment and vocational and life-skills training.
“I am looking forward to working and supporting Nightlight’s goals in any way I can,” Flores said. “I will be wearing many hats as I work there, helping with everything from office work, to jewelry-making, to assisting in the training of the girls, as well as outreach to the local bars where we build relationships with the girls who work there.“
The 27-year-old Flores is determined to do whatever it takes to rescue these women and children from what is clearly modern day slavery, even though the efforts can be dangerous.
“I could not just continue my comfortable life and do nothing while children are being forced to become sex slaves,” Flores said, “I have been so fortunate and felt it was my responsibility as a human and child of God to help the less fortunate children of the world.”
Flores plans to blog to bring awareness to the plight of those trapped in the Bangkok Sex Trade. To learn more about Flores and her mission to Bangkok, visit www.sandyfloresmissions.com. To learn more about Nightlight, visit www.nightlightbangkok.com.


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