They don’t feel your pain

Gas prices not a problem
Do you wonder why Sacto electeds aren’t making a big fuss over the skyrocketing price of petrol? It’s becuz they have no reason to whine. Almost all of them have gas credit cards in their wallet and the taxpayer is the payee. For the most part the electeds also tool around in fancy wheels paid almost entirely by taxpayers. The electeds choose the brands.
L.A. Times reporter Pat McGreevy did an entertaining piece on April 16 in which he came up with some pretty interesting observations. In addition to gas cards and autos subsidized by taxpayers, insurance is included and it’s OK for family members to drive state-owned cars.
And he cited a couple instances where a family member was involved in a wreck. Who paid for repairs? Guess. Unanswered questioned: In the event of a lawsuit, who is the defendant?
Local Solbeach Assemblyman Martin Garrick, Assemblyman Marty Block of the Harbor City and Sen. Mark Wyland of Escondido drive their own wheels.
Special trash cans
City of Pasadena is installing trash cans that cost $3,500 each but before you figger the buyers lost their marbles, consider that the containers are solar paneled and contain a compactor that squeezes all the discardable stuff so the cans hold more than 200 pounds of rubbish so pickup service is substantially reduced. It also reduces manpower.
Business tax vote postponed
Solbeach electeds have decided to postpone a business tax vote until next year. It will be a mail ballot vote likely in March and will require a majority yes response. Councilman Dave Roberts sez now is not the time for more taxes.
Rail cash
The Golden State is in line to receive 8 billion bux from the stimulus handout and if the Flower Capital is proactive with a below grade plan through Leucadia it’s possible it could get a hunk of that dough. In Washington, a few million for a worthy project is chump change and sooner than later there will be double tracking from L.A. to the Harbor City.
Booze ban
Becuz of a small bunch of rowdies who couldn’t control themselves after they’ve consumed a coppla glasses of adult beverages, North County Transit District has decided to impose a no booze after 9 p.m. ban. Folks were complaining about the deportment of these people. Besides being loud they used language not fit for kids traveling with their parents. There were also reports of fights.
Postal dilemma
Recent 2 cent hike for first class postage helped but didn’t solve current deficit woes according to a high up postal official who sez the p.o. suffered a $2 billion loss for the second quarter that ended March 31. Also, to save overhead, the number of employees has been reduced from 800,000 to 636,000 workers it was reported. And noticeable is the reduction in the number of hours the service counter is open.
Higher fees
The Board of Supervisors has jacked up the clean air fee on vehicles from 2 bux to 4. Funds are earmarked for air pollution control. At least for now.
Pot dispensary moratorium
A temporary moratorium in O’side on marijuana peddled at special dispensaries has been extended for 10 months and 15 days to allow “for further study.” Prediction is the prohibition will become permanent. Marijuana is a no-no nationwide, but some states allow its sale at dispensaries when the user can show documentation its use is for health purposes. In California, voters approved the sale of the weed under these conditions in 1996. Reports are these conditions are by and large ignored.
Waring is back
James Waring, former Harbor City land-use chief, who quit under a cloud a coppla years ago, is back as an appointee to the San Diego Housing Commission. He was named by hizzoner Jerry Sanders and the action was ratified by City Council. Waring signed off on a Sunroad application that allowed it to construct a building that was higher than the allowed 160 feet becuz it was in the Montgomery Field flight pattern. By the time Waring departed, Sunroad had already added a top floor that it had to remove.
Visitor center
Volunteers are operating a visitor center on Saturdays at Powerhouse Park courtesy of Del Mar Village Associaiton in cooperation with the city. According to staffers, visitors are anxious to know more about the city, what to do, and where to go for their needs. This is the second year for the center.
Lima bean festival
Evelyn Weidner, of begonias fame, and folks from San Dieguito Heritage Museum, are engrossed in planning the first Lima Bean Weekend, set for Sept. 25 to Sept. 27. The event will include a variety of activities related to the lima bean, like a cook-off and a lima bean fashion show. According to residents that were around during that time, more than 1,000 acres from Carmel Valley to Olivenhain were planted in lima beans — one reason being they are a dry farm crop.
There will be a coppla grunion runs in July and August with dates to be announced. And if you are wondering about grunions they are tiny silvery fish that come ashore to bury their eggs in the sand. It’s OK to scoop them up … Art Gonzalez, the deposed majordomo at Tri-City Hospital in O’side, is the new head of Hannepin Healthcare Systems Inc. based in Minnesota … Young potential athletes who try drugs becuz they believe they will enhance their chance of being really great can take a page from Ryan Leif, a promising Chargers quarterback, who is in a bucket of trouble with the law becuz of his drug problems … Folks are wondering why some sports teams in the Flower Capital get a free pass on the use of fields while other organizations like senior groups have to pay to use the facilities … Whooping cough, not the swine virus, has been diagnosed among children in Solbeach … The highly popular Dog Days of Summer mutt frolic sponsored by Cardiff 101 Chamber of Commerce will be held Aug. 8 … “Growing Passions,” produced by Nan Sterman of the Flower Capital, is airing on Ch. 4 Fridays at 4:30 p.m. and Saturdays at 2 p.m.
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