Lotsa enthusiasm for school site acquisition

Where’s the dough?
More than a dozen speakers recently encouraged Flower Capital Council electeds to purchase the Pacific View School site on Third Street during a public hearing. Good questions were asked but two important ones were left out. How much is the site actually worth? Where’s the dough to purchase it? Price has been pegged at $10 mil. but admittedly that’s just a guesstimate. Mayor Maggie Houlihan and Councilwoman Teresa Barth opined cost should be the first step toward any transaction. They voted against a motion not to seek more information. Councilman Dan Dalager recused himself becuz he owns nearby property. This resulted in a 2-2 standoff with no action taken.
Tennis coach expands
Gerald “Chip” Cullison, tennis coach at O’side Unified School District who may be grooming a future world-class racqueteer, has opened a defensive driving school in Escondido and sez it’s doing well not only among the young learners but adults as well. Never wanting for something to keep busy, Cullison is also a traffic safety commissioner in San Marcos.
Food & drug administration in charge
The tobacco industry is now under the thumb of the Food & Drug Administration after a decade of back and forth negotiations between FDA and the industry. Regulation over its advertising and marketing is a key component.
Rec program costs scrutinized
C’bad is undergoing a cost review of its Parks and Rec. Department’s fee schedule after consultants determined it was netting only 22 cents from every dollar it receives from rental fees. Youth sports and activities that cater to specific groups likely will face higher fees.
Reverse mortgages
The Surfside City’s Community Connections has scheduled an informative presentation on reverse mortgages June 29 in the Del Mar TV studio, 240 10th Street, starting at 10 ayem. Interesting topic in today’s topsy turvy real estate market. Chris “Mac” McKinnie will be the presenter. The event is open to the public.
Caltrans contracts scrutinized
Contracting practices by Caltrans are under review in a federal court. Allegation is that quotas are considered for awarding contracts that are federally funded. This process would violate Prop. 209 passed by Cal voters prohibiting quotas.
Popular approval
City Council approval of O’side’s 465-acre El Corazon Specific Plan was received with enthusiasm from residents. As planned a big portion will include soccer fields, which are in short supply while the sport continues to balloon.
Heated council meeting
Surfside City electeds were on the receiving end of heated barbs recently when a dozen residents spoke against the sidewalk cafes on 15th Street and Camino del Mar. Newspapers, radio and TV gave the outdoor eateries plenty of exposure when they were being considered. They are expected to promote village shopping, which in turn will enhance much needed sales tax revenue.
Palomar airport celebrates 50th b-day
McClellan-Palomar Airport in C’bad is celebrating its 50th birthday. It recently completed a facelift. According to reports it is now the busiest single-runway airport of its size in the country. There are 344 aircraft home based there, 83 being jets or prop jets. Palomar provides service to major cities including Las Vegas and is the connecting link between major airports.
St. James Academy students honored
Eight St. James Academy students in Solbeach have been honored for exceptional performance by John Hopkins University’s talented youth program. They include sixth-graders Anna Marie Couvrette, Josh Dillon, Rex Hammock and Casey Toohill; fifth-graders Thomas Gascho and Wyatt Schmitt; and fourth-graders Patrice Nguyen and Spencer Whitney. Congrats all.
Slot machines & wind farms
American Indian tribes are usually associated with lucrative slots and casinos. In contrast, the Campo Indian tribe has announced plans to partner with SDG&E to build the second largest wind power farm in the Golden State. It will be located east of the Harbor City. When it’s up and running it will produce enough energy to serve more than 100,000 homes with all the trimmings according to reports. The farm is expected to be completed two years after it breaks ground.
The Bird may skip Pac Classic
A disappointed Tom Robbins, Del Mar’s executive racing veep and racing secretary, has announced Kentucky Derby winner Mine That Bird won’t be in the $1 million Pacific Classic to be contested Sept. 6. Robbins had suggested the Classic could serve as a tuneup race for the Breeders’ Cup at Santa Anita on Nov. 7. It also would give the bird a chance to race on Del Mar’s synthetic track that is similar to Santa Anita’s.
Unexpected layover
Thirty-six ninth-graders from C’bad’s Pacific Ridge School and seven chaperones spent several days in quarantine in China en route home while being tested for the swine flu virus. Some of the youngsters were reported to have had the sniffles and another was sick from suspected food poisoning.
San Fran has adopted what is reported to be the toughest recycling and composting laws in the country and one that carry fines for violations … Vista’s Miss California USA, Carrie Prejean, was dethroned recently becuz she spoke her convictions that were contrary to the positions of one of the judge’s … The suspected prostitution ring that was busted in Vista recently is reminiscent of a similar operation in the Surfside City in 1999 when a dozen “massage” parlors were shuttered; at least two of them were reported to have been massaging customers a short walk from City Hall … KFC and El Pollo Loco are both claiming to be No. 1 in the prepared chicken bizness … The Rev. Paige Blair is the new rector at St.Peter’s Episcopal Church in the Surfside City … In C’bad, Cynthia Hass, a veteran at City Hall with two decades of service in various capacities, has been named deputy city manager, a position once held by the Surfside City’s Frank Mannen until he retired … This weekend, take a fun ride for only a buck on the Coast Cruiser that runs between Leucadia and Cardiff-by-the-Sea.


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