MAEGA helps launch dreams

SOLANA BEACH — Eighty-five graduating seniors from the San Dieguito High School District have received a total of $78,000 in scholarships from the Mexican American Educational Guidance Foundation, MAEGA President Dick Wheelock announced.
Twenty-six of the awards were given to students going into their second year of college. Scholarship amounts depended on the college the recipients are attending including tuition fee and financial need.
A committee, headed by Fran Fenical, evaluated applications. Serving were MAEGA Vice President Anna Vallez, a former winner; Linda Grensted; Carolyn Matthews; Jan Wier; and Marilyn Voorhies.
Funds, according to Wheelock, came from three dinners held during the year, local organizations, and bequeathed family money.
MAEGA was founded in 1970 by the late Don Lapam who was publisher of the San Dieguito Citizen community newspaper based in Solana Beach. Its mission was, and continues to be, to encourage Hispanic students to continue their education.


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