Carlsbad clinic helps combat many types of stress

CARLSBAD — Kevin Sol didn’t realize just how much the stress was running down his immune system until his wife talked him into getting help.
The avid surfer just thought his chronic sinus infections were inevitable, surfing the sometimes polluted waters off the coast of Southern California, and that chronic stress came with the territory as a business owner with a young family to support.
However, a series of events led him down the path of what he calls “self-awareness,” and eventually to better health.
After his wife heard Dr. Laura Thompson, from the Southern California Institute of Clinical Nutrition, or SCICN, speak about the importance of diet in dealing with health issues, she urged him to make an appointment.
“I was physically fit, and very active, but I was having the chronic ear infections and getting a lot of colds from the kids,” Sol said.
SCICN, located off Faraday in a business park for the past eight years, uses nutritional and homeopathic treatments for immediate relief of infections, but specializes in the customization of treatments.
Dr. Thompson, who holds a Ph.D in nutrition and human behavior, looks into the source of the problems by testing, then balancing the hormones using a holistic approach that encompasses nutritional changes, supplements, herbs and botanicals as well as customized and bio-identical hormonal creams.
“When people think of hormones, they tend to think only of the sex hormones, not the stress hormones” Thompson said.
Sol said he expected to hear he wasn’t eating right, but was surprised after testing revealed low levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter with an active role in regulating stress hormones.
“Men tend to not pay attention to their emotions and just push through,” Thompson said.
Depending on the type of stress, Thompson said, the clinic deals with it in a variety of ways.
For emotional and traumatic stress, biofeedback is also used. The process gives the patient information about the physiological reactions that the stress causes in the body, such as elevated blood pressure, in order for the patient to gain control over the process. It has been highly successful over the years according to Thompson.
“People tend to think of stress as only emotional stress,” Thompson said. “But there are many other stressors on the body such as dietary, toxins, overworking and even overexercising.”
The body will choose to balance stress hormones first, she said, which will often cause an imbalance in the sex hormones. The adrenal, or stress hormones, as well as the male and female sex hormones all play an important role in overall health, Thompson said.
Dealing with the imbalanced hormones, Sol said, gave him noticeably more energy. And after several months of treatments, and changes in diet and nutrition, Sol said he is much healthier.
“I still sometimes get an occasional ear infection after surfing,” Sol said, “but not as often and I definitely don‘t get sick as often.”
Thompson said she now treats the whole Sol family.
“Even small changes can make a big difference,” she said.
SCICN holds free seminars on the third Wednesday of every month. For more information, call (800) 608-5602.


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