Why Mr. Big is still appealing to me

I am getting married in the month of July. I have had many different emotions about this event. I have had moments where I have wondered about the overall idea of marriage and if this is the right thing. Don’t think because of my mate, but because of the concept of marriage.
I guess basically my theory is the only reason two people should ever get married is if they can’t live without each other or they want to spend the rest of their life looking at that particular face. I have a thing with faces. I believe there are many meanings behind the shapes of someone’s eyes, their smile and the way they look longingly into your soul. You can see so much when you take a peek, you know that deep look where you look past the surface and you see so much more than just the obvious?
I have lived long enough to know that true love does take a lifetime and to find a mate that is compatible in a social and living environment is difficult. So at a certain point a woman must do the plus and minus checks and so must a man. I wake up each day to find a new moment and I am so thankful for this very life that I have. I try to remember the tragic events that I hear about each day, like the plane that disappeared on the way to Paris this week from Brazil, so I never take my miseries for granted. It just takes my breath away to hear about things like that. One moment up in the sky and the next life is over.
We never know what our future holds. We plan, we dream, we make each step happen carefully or whimsically, depending on our nature, but in the end we cannot predict what will happen to us. So, what is my advice to anyone with a significant other? Wrap it up before you lose them. You may always think there is another someone around the next corner. However, the truth is that is not always the case. Life is not a gamble. Life is what you make happen. “Make something happen.” This was a line in one of my favorite Luanne Rice novels, “Summer Light.” In this novel, the main character is at a crossroads and her friend gives her that simple advice.
Sometimes we must move the dirt beneath us to see the change in the world we want. It does not always come to us and the next best option might be taken. In a society where text messaging and social networking have truly changed the way we live, one must remember to be thankful for those that love you and care so deeply for your soul. One must never take for granted those that might be right in front us. They could be the one!
Ask me, I know. After all, your best friend can’t always be the same sex, like a “Sex in the City” episode with Carrie Bradshaw and her best friends. Sometimes “Mr.
Big” is the reason we try a bit harder, look prettier and hope that we might just capture that prince’s heart. And, in the end that is exactly what this fictional character does, too.
Life is not about happily ever after. It’s about having the courage to follow your heart and believe in miracles. Be thankful for those that love you. I know I tend to have that sappy Hallmark greeting card approach to writing, but someone has got to do it. Promote love, faith and sweetness. Be good and watch this world open its arms to now and your future.
Around town
On June 2, the Red Sox won the Rancho Santa Fe Little League Championship against the Yankees team. How exciting to see the smiles on the faces of those boys. Congratulations to all of the boys who worked hard and played ball this school year. The Yankees team celebrated the season with a trophy ceremony as well. How exciting for all of the parents there to see their boys beaming with pride.
On June 9, The Shangri Pa charity event finally arrived. Helen Woodward raised more than $385,000 dollars, which goes to help saving many animals’ lives and enriching the lives of children that need help through their successful animal therapy program. The volunteers arrived early that Saturday morning to set up all day for this black tie affair. When guests arrived, they enjoyed bidding on a fabulous silent auction, a live auction, plus sampling food from 22 of San Diego’s finest restaurants. Then the guests danced ‘till midnight under the stars at the Fairbanks Plaza.
Julie Watkins, Renee Resko, Katie Shull and Laurel McCrink were all in charge of making this wonderful event possible.
My highlight of the night was running into Natalie Shull. She also volunteered all day for this event. Now this was definitely a night to remember for me and all of the guests that attended.
Later that evening, I ran into Shanna Pizzino and James McCoy at Flight restaurant. If you haven’t heard the news, let me be the first to tell you. Flight the new name of Pasquale’s/Steve Finley Lounge. Think fun dancing and hip up-to-date disco music here.
If you are looking for a place close to the Ranch, this is about as good as it gets! Thanks for letting me snap this quick photo at Flight.
On June 7, well-known realtor Elaine Gallagher shared with me the fabulous news that her son Michael Gallagher is a hit sensation on You Tube. His comedy sketch, “Blame it on the Economy” has had more than 1 million views. If you would like to check out his Internet show, go to www.totallysketch.com. How exciting to have a celebrity here in town. Thanks for keeping me in the loop Elaine.
On June 9, one of my favorite women walking the planet, Patricia Saverese, shared this news around town with me: Pat Hemingway-Savarese, owner of Phoenix Pro
Public Relations, was invited to accompany Mrs. Charles Whittingham to Hollywood Park Race Track on June 6, for the Running of the Charles Whittingham Memorial Handicap in honor of her deceased husband. Charles Whittingham and rider William Shoemaker were an unbeatable team. Charles Whittingham, aptly nicknamed “The Bald Eagle,” was a leading money winning trainer in Thoroughbred Racing for many years. His death was an end to an era. “The Whittingham family and I have been friends for 40 years and it was my honor to accompany Peggy to this prestigious event,” Savarese said. Mrs. Whittingham was also joined by her daughter Charlene, son-in-law and thoroughbred veterinarian Helmuth Von Blucher, grand daughter Ilona and great grand daughter Charlie, who is named after her legendary greatgrand father.”
For more information, contact Pat Hemingway-Savarese, Phoenix Pro Public Relations, at (760) 505-0063 or poenixpromote@yahoo.com. Thanks Patricia for sharing this story with me. All of the racetrack lovers around here will appreciate that story.
On June 10, I attended the Delicias Realtor pitch session. The last few weeks have been more encouraging regarding the real estate market. Homes are selling in the Ranch and peoples are starting to take advantage of the low market prices. Michael Citron shared with me a limerick he wrote and delivered for that Wednesday. Here are his creative words.
There once was a home on Santa Victoria
It is ready for a family to say “I adore ya,”
With a pool, spa and bbq station
It will, for sure, bring your buyers to elation.
Come today, from 1 to 4, for Open House preview, Broker Tour.
I will greet you at the door and show you that this home really has more.
We’ve got over 2,800 square feet and although I’m not serving anything to eat,
I’m giving away $2 bills as a treat
I’ll see you today at Santa Victoria and have you leave with financial euphoria.” Thanks Michael for sharing this with my column. And, thank goodness, the economy is starting come back in Rancho Santa Fe!


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