Close races in paddleboard contest

ENCINITAS — The annual Moonlight Beach Paddleboard Race was held May 16 with a two-lap format.
San Clemente’s Rob Rojas dominated the field on his stand-up paddleboard followed by a hotly contested Unlimited race between Tyler Anderson and George Plsek. Plsek narrowly lost his sprint to the finish, but only an hour before he completed the Encinitas 5k Run in the Sprint Triathlon and one-mile Ocean Swim to complete the “Macho Man” competition. Others competing in all four of the festival’s events include Kate Major, Tom Hinds, Scott Tinley, Kim McDonald and Deon Lourens.
The Stock SUP 6-mile race was a qualifier for this year’s Elite division
of Rainbow Sandal’s Battle of the Paddle. Following the battle’s
format, the stock stand-up paddleboard contestants had to surf to the beach and round a mark before completing their second lap, prompting some excitement as the crowd witnessed the surfing ability or lack of between laps. Wally Emory, Scott Sanchez and Chris Fessenden all qualified.
Another fiercely contested race was between Jay Scheckman of Coronado
and Jensen Hassett. Spectators said there was rarely more than two board
lengths between them throughout the race. Scheckman led the way to the beach,
but Jensen waited for a wave and made it a footrace up the sand.


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