Judge orders mental exam in C’bad double homicide

CARLSBAD — A San Diego Superior Court judge ordered a mental evaluation for a 44-year-old man accused of murdering his parents in their Carlsbad home.
Judge Daniel Goldstein’s ruling May 19 places Dennis Brian Gluck’s criminal case on hold until his mental competency hearing June 24. If found incompetent, Gluck will be sent to a state mental hospital indefinitely and his mental competency will be re-evaluated periodically. If he regains his competency, his criminal proceedings will continue.
Gluck has pleaded not guilty to two counts of first-degree murder with the allegation that he used a weapon, in this case a machete, to brutally murder his parents. Jean and Harry Gluck, 77 and 90, respectively, were found dead in their home in the 2700 block of Chestnut Avenue on Jan. 18.
A special circumstance allegation — commission of a double homicide — is attached to the murder charges, which means if convicted, Gluck could face life in prison without parole or the death penalty.
In 2000, following a misdemeanor conviction charge of battery stemming from a racially motivated incident in which Gluck threatened a man with a machete, a San Diego Superior judge ordered as part of Gluck’s probation that he be administered injections instead of oral medication for his mental illness, according to court documents.
After failing to follow the guidelines of his probation, Gluck was sentenced to one year in county jail in 2002, court documents show.
Gluck’s refusal to take medications for mental illness has been documented as far back as 1992 when Harry Gluck, in a letter for a court order restraining order, wrote that Dennis Gluck had consulted several psychiatrists, but would break off his sessions after several meetings or when the doctor wanted to prescribe him medication, which he believed he did not need.
Additionally, Harry Gluck wrote that his son also spent time in a state mental health facility in Sacramento after a prior arrest; however, he used the ploy that he would take his medication to ensure his release from the facility.
Gluck remains in custody without bail.


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