Long Ride

Approximately 100 riders stopped by the energizing station hosted by B&L Bike and Sports as part of national Bike to Work Day on May 15. Another 100 or so simply waved and rode by, said Dan Breyer, manager of the Solana Beach store that was one of dozens of pit stops set up countywide. Breyer and his co-workers handed out water, energy bars, fruit and bagels from 6 to 9 a.m. in front of the shop on North Coast Highway 101. He said this year’s turnout was better than 2008. Few of those who stopped said they were first-time participants in the event.
Of the 100 or so people who registered at B&L Bike, Jeff Oleksy is the site’s 2009 record holder for longest commute – 62 miles from his home in San Marcos to his job at Qualcomm. Oleksy said he make the 90-minute bike ride at least three times a week.
Photo by Bianca Kaplanek


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