Firefighters practice on old buildings

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Santa Fe Irrigation District is hosting fire training
exercises being conducted by the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District beginning May 4 through May 10 in two adjoining structures, which are scheduled for demolition. The district provided the buildings to Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Encinitas and Solana
Beach fire departments for use in training firefighters on new equipment and techniques. The two structures, an aging office building and a caretaker’s cottage, were scheduled for demolition to make room for new district buildings. As such, the aging structures made for excellent training ground for firefighters.
“This is a collaborative effort that will improve the capabilities of our regional firefighting agencies,” said Michael Bardin, general manager of Santa Fe Irrigation District. “We are pleased to be involved in this worthwhile program.”
During the exercises, theatrical smoke will used to mimic actual fire conditions while firefighters complete their training. On the weekend of May 9 and May 10, live fires will be set and quickly extinguished.
“This is great opportunity for us,” Battalion Chief Bret A. Davidson with RSF Fire said. “We have acquired equipment that helps firefighters see through smoke and find people trapped in burning buildings. These structures allow us to conduct training under controlled circumstances so that when the time comes, we will better able to not only save structures but save lives.”


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