Golf club changes plan for associates

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club has changed its requirements to accommodate resident associates. Previously, to be eligible to become a resident associate a person must first have been a regular member for 20 years. That requirement was changed to 10 years. A second change requires resident associates to be responsible for the same assessments and other charges as regular members, in addition to dues. The change of category will be limited to 20 memberships and when this membership category is full, members will be put on a waiting list — first come, first served.
Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club Manager Steve Nordstrom asked the board of directors to approve the changes to the Plan of Operations at the April 16 Association meeting. “The 20-year requirement was limiting a number of good members who wanted to become resident associates,” Nordstrom said. “These are members who have sold their homes, but remain in the Covenant. We want to retain these good members as they are still part of the community.”
Board members felt this was a reasonable request, especially given the difficult economic climate. “It makes sense,” Vice President Tim Sullivan said, acknowledging that the club is suffering from a drop in membership.
In other Association news, the board appointed Donna Ferrier, Robin Moreau and Rob Schaefer as election assistants for the May 12 ballot count. Manager Pete Smith said that ballots were mailed out for the Special Election regarding the sale of the Dacus property. “Balloting is heavy,” Smith said. “We’ve already had 456 returned, which is more than we had at this point in time with the incorporation ballot.”
The annual Association meeting is scheduled for 5:45 p.m. May 14 at the Garden Club. The four candidates running for the two available board of director positions will each be given a limited time in which to state their positions.
The next association meeting will be at 9 a.m. May 7.


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