School board honors budding artists on display

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe School District board of trustees honored 18 students whose artwork is on display with the San Diego County Office of Education, as well as the San Diego Museum of Art on April 2.
Art teacher Janis Reeser introduced the students to the school board and explained that the art on display centered around “expressing literature.”
“I submitted 18 works of art, and all 18 were accepted,” Reeser said. The artwork by Hannah Williams, a fifth-grader, was chosen to advertise the poster and mailers sent out by the San Diego Museum of Art. “Her work is displayed everywhere,” the proud art teacher said.
Students honored in kindergarten through eighth grade included: Grace Mines, Conan O’Brien, Katherine Arnold, Nina Budano, Avery Hamilton, Isabella Pinto, Natalie Schroeder, Hannah Williams, Tess Cimino, Dominique Hoffmann, Timmy Melbourne, Emma Shafer, Nicole Kim, Nicole Quraishy, Julia Skyhar, Cosy Burnett, Anissa Riviere and Elli Sawada.
Superintendent Lindy Delaney congratulated all the students and, afterward, reported to board members on the progress of the R. Roger Rowe renovation. “We are on the cusp of doing this on time,” Delaney said. According to reports she has received from Gafcon, Inc., project managers for the renovation, moving forward on time depends on the approval of the Division of State Architect, or DSA. Cuts in the state budget have affected the DSA’s ability to proceed in a timely manner and delays could effect the renovation.
According to Delaney, interim construction contract bids will be sought this week for grading, sewer and electrical work to be done. Demolition and abatement work will begin in June.
Delaney also gave a traffic and circulation update as testing will begin April 26 and continue through May 4. As construction begins, teachers will be assigned parking off-site and drop off for students will be rerouted to El Fuego.
During the 2009-2010 school year, Delaney hopes the school district will work with Scripps Institute as an affiliate school. “During a recent survey, science and science/technology was off the charts,” Delaney said. “So we hope to work with Scripps to pursue this interest.”
Board trustee Jim Cimino, who also serves on the board for Scripps, supported and encouraged this affiliation. “It would be a great opportunity,” he said.
The next school board meeting is scheduled for May 7.


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