Artist gets prison for slashing wife

OCEANSIDE — A local artist was sentenced April 1 to five years in prison for a brutal attack on his wife.
In accordance with his plea agreement, Blane Bizzaro pleaded guilty to a single count of an assault with a deadly weapon with the allegation that the crime was committed with a deadly weapon, which in this case was a machete with an 18-inch blade.
The attack occurred in November after Blane Bizzaro and his wife of 17 years, Eugenia Bizzaro, got into an argument about the defendant practicing archery on the side of the couple’s residence in an Oceanside mobile home park.
Throughout the case, Eugenia Bizzaro and her husband’s attorney, Sloan Ostbye, worked to get Blane Bizzaro probation and placement in a residential treatment program for his admitted alcohol addiction.
“I love Blane very deeply and I have forgiven him,” Eugenia Bizzaro said at her husband’s sentencing.
Despite Eugenia Bizzaro’s desire to get her husband into a treatment facility, as opposed to being “warehoused” in prison, prosecutor Keith Watanabe said when he weighed certain factors, like the defendant’s three previous misdemeanor domestic violence convictions relating to Eugenia Bizzaro and the severity of the attack — she suffered two deep gashes across her forehead — he believed prison time was warranted.
“We have a duty to protect members of the public even if they don’t want to be protected,” Watanabe said.
At the sentencing, Blane Bizzaro apologized to his wife and took full responsibility for his actions, which he said were perpetuated by his alcohol abuse.
“When I drank a lot, I became someone else,” Bizzaro said. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to remain sober.”
Blane Bizzaro’s artworks have appeared in local media, such as the San Diego Union Tribune, The Coast News and North County Times, and have been published nationally by Addison Wesley Publishing and Matrika Yoga Magazine, according to his profile on MainStreet Oceanside organization’s Web site.
Most recently, Blane Bizzaro won the 2008 first National Library Week Poster contest for his interpretation of the theme “Read, Discover, Learn at your Library,” according to a city of Oceanside press release.


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