DUI patrol nabs repeat offenders

VISTA — As a result of recent extra DUI patrols in Vista, an additional six drivers were arrested for driving under the influence. Two of these individuals were on probation for prior DUI offenses. Victor Hugo Barajas of Temecula was on probation for a felony DUI conviction stemming from an injury collision four and a half years ago on State Route 78 near Sycamore Avenue. Deputies stopped him March 27 after observing him roll through a stop sign in Vista. It was determined he was on court probation for the prior DUI offense for a five year period through August of this year.
The second subject on probation was Christopher Lopez of Murrieta. Lopez is a U.S. Marine. He was previously arrested in September 2008 for another DUI offense and was on court probation. Lopez also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest on the same matter. While Barajas bailed out, Lopez remains in custody as of March 30. Both subjects had bail set at $17,500 due to their previous offenses.
The DUI patrol operation has been funded through a grant obtained through the California State Office of Traffic Safety, as a result of a yearlong traffic safety grant awarded last year to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department. As a result of this funding, an additional 18 drunk drivers have been arrested and taken off the streets in the month of March alone in Vista. Deputies encourage residents to call 911 if they observe someone they believe to be driving under the influence.


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