75 pink slips handed to teachers, administrators

OCEANSIDE — Seventy-five pink slips were given to Oceanside Unified School District teachers and administrators at the March 10 school board meeting. The layoff notices were not welcomed, but they were not a surprise.
“We had very good communication,” Steve Lombard, Oceanside Unified School District director of communications, said. “The superintendent visited each school site to talk about the budget the last couple of months.”
“We consider it a dire situation,” Lombard said. “We don’t want to see one single person lose a job. The state is holding all school districts hostage. We’ve lost $42 million in the last six years.”
A group of 50 people showed up at the March 10 meeting. “A couple of people voiced their opinions, we expect that,” Lombard said.
Originally 92 layoff notices were proposed for teachers and administrators, that number was narrowed down to 75, Lombard said.
There is still a possibility layoff notices may be rescinded if teachers and administrators unions agree to negotiate concessions in salaries, Lombard said. “There’s the possibility of ongoing discussion now until the end of the school year.”
If no change is negotiated the impact will be felt next school year with larger class sizes.
“All districts are in the same position,” Lombard said. “It’s a bad thing all the way around, for the kids and people who work in education.”
At the March 24 school board meeting, the board will vote on issuing layoff notices to 70 to 80 classified staff members.


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