Board looks to collect late assessments

RANCHO SANTA FE — Chief Financial Officer Steve Comstock received approval March 5 from the Association to record Notice of Delinquent Assessments against members who have yet to pay the first and second installments for the 2007-2008 fiscal year. Liens will be placed against the members’ properties should payment not be met.
According to Comstock, there are 12 properties in arrears, up substantially from the four or five properties from years past. Comstock noted that the recording of a Notice of Delinquent Assessment followed a series of reminders and nudges from the Association, including letters and phone calls. “I suspect that once we record the notice, several will step forward and make their payments,” Comstock said.
Comstock also presented the board of directors with the Budget Preparation Schedule for the fiscal year of 2009-2010. The preliminary budget is currently being compiled and the Audit/Finance Committee will meet April 22 to approve the Golf Club Budget. “Each year we start all over again,” Comstock said. “I meet with the managers of the tennis and golf clubs and get involved with their budgets. It then goes to the Finance Committee. There is a lot of oversight in the process. It’s a very thorough process.”
Membership will receive a preliminary budget May 7 and May 28 there will be an annual budget hearing, which will be open to residents who have concerns or questions.
“As you prepare the budget, are you taking a hard line?” Director Deb Plummer asked Comstock. “I would have to raise dues during these economically difficult times.”
Comstock admitted that the task was a challenge. “Especially as costs continue to rise but assessments decline,” he said.
In other Association news, Covenant Administrator Ivan Holler reported that the county recently completed the road resurfacing along Paseo Delicias. Manager Pete Smith said there is a noticeable difference when you drive along and reach the rubberized roads. Smith also noted that the Association did not fund the resurfacing of the roads, the county of San Diego funded the project. “I think our staff did a commendable job of notifying the merchants in the village when the roads would be resurfaced,” Smith said.
The next Association meeting is scheduled for March 19.


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