Four Freshmen encore sells out

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club hosted The Four Freshmen on Feb. 13 for an encore performance as part of its Cabaret Series. The event was a fundraiser for the Garden Club and a complete sellout.
The Four Freshmen, still going strong since the group’s inception in 1952, is comprised of a quartet of singer/musicians. Brian Eichenberger, lead voice and guitar was born in 1976 (24 years after the group began) and joined the group in 1996. Curtis Calderon, second voice and trumpet, is 34 years old and joined the group in 2001. Vince Johnson, third voice and bass player, is 39 years old and joined the group in 1999. Bob Ferreira, the fourth voice and drummer, is also 39 and joined the group in 1992. The Rancho Santa Fe performance was one of the last performances for this current tour, Eichenberger said. “We’re off to Torrence next and then we’re each going home — to Texas, California, Minnesota and Nevada.”
The Four Freshmen first performed at the Garden Club 18 months ago. “We had 125 in attendance that night,” Hal Sexton, president of the Garden Club, said. “And we had 250 at this performance. Double! We could have sold more, but 250 is our capacity. These guys are wonderful.”
“We’ll keep coming back as long as Rancho Santa Fe wants us,” Ferreira said, speaking on behalf of The Four Freshmen.
Proceeds from the fundraiser will help finance Phase II and Phase III, repairs that need to be made to the Garden Club. Phase I was recently implemented as new sidewalks were put in place and the patio restructured.
The next program for the Garden Club is the “Spring Morning in the Garden,” to be held at 9:30 a.m. March 18. April 25 is the annual Garden Tour and Luncheon, followed by a spring floral exhibition.
For tickets or more information, call the Garden Club at (858) 756-1554 or visit


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