San Elijo children Jump Rope for Heart

SAN MARCOS — Skipping rope is good for strengthening the heart, but sometimes it benefits more than just the jumper. At San Elijo Elementary’s third annual Jump Rope for Heart event, students capped off weeks of fundraising for the American Heart Association with an hour of frenzied aerobics Feb. 12. From hurdles to hopscotch to hula-hoop, and of course, skipping rope, children from kindergarten to fifth grade kept themselves busy at 10 different stations.
Jump Rope for Heart has gone on nationally for more than 30 years, raising funds for stroke and heart disease research. San Elijo Elementary raised $12,000 last year, according to Kathy Warrington, youth market director for the American Heart Association.
The money is important, but the event also highlights the importance of keeping active, event coordinator Robin Rafferty said. “It’s a way to get the kids aware of exercise, eating healthy and also doing something for others,” she said.
The American Heart Association’s relationship with San Elijo Elementary continues throughout the year. They provide educational materials and help develop lesson plans.
“We partner with the school to enhance what they’re already teaching the kids about healthier living,” Warrington said.


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