Students honored for ‘healing’ project

RANCHO SANTA FE — The school board honored 30 students from the R. Roger Rowe School on Feb. 5 for their involvement in the Hearts for Healing artwork project. The theme is “the healing heart” and the artwork, acrylic on canvas, is part of a rotating art exhibit currently on display at the Scripps Hospital in Encinitas.
The project came together when art teacher Janis Reeser was approached by a friend, Connie McCoy, a member of the Rancho Santa Fe Art Guild. McCoy introduced Reeser to local artist Gerrit Greve, who helped conceive the project, mentor the students, put together the exhibit, and shape the artwork into an art book. “It’s been one of the most exciting projects I’ve ever worked on,” Greve said. “The exhibit has been so well-received at the hospital. Patients and doctors walk out of their way to stroll down the corridor to see the artwork. It’s incredible.”
The students have all donated their artwork, which was auctioned off Feb. 8 at Scripps Hospital. Proceeds from the paintings will help fund special projects at the hospital. A book featuring the artwork of the students is available for $20 in paperback and $30 in hardcover. Books are on sale through Reeser, who can be reached by calling (858) 756-1142 or by e-mailing
Seventeen students from Mrs. Mandy Valentine’s second-grade class and 13 middle school students were on hand with their parents to receive congratulations from school board members. The young artists were called forward and shook hands with the board and Superintendent Lindy Delaney.
Neil Lunsford, from Mrs. Roach’s class, and Caroline Thomas, from Mrs. Block’s class, were also honored by the board for being writing contest winners.
In other school board news, Katy Wright, project manager for Gafcon, Inc., the construction management company working with designer/architect Trittipo, gave a special BIM presentation to the board. The BIM renderings gave a virtual 3-D tour of the new campus, complete with landscape designs.
The board members were impressed with what they saw. “It’s a beautiful and functional plan,” Vice President Richard Burdge said. “I support it wholeheartedly.” Member Jim Cimino agreed.
“It makes it fit into the community,” President Carlie Headapohl said. “It’s something we’ll all be proud of. In a few years other schools will be looking at us — they’ll be blown away.”
The board approved the plan and, according to Katy Wright, the project will be picking up speed in the upcoming months. Construction begins this summer with a completion date of August 2010 in sight.
The next school board meeting will be held March 5.


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