Form-based committee ready to take shape

DEL MAR — Three weeks after being tasked to establish a form-based code citizen advisory committee with better community representation, council liaisons Richard Earnest and Don Mosier proposed a slightly larger, broader group than what was originally recommended.
At the Feb. 2 meeting, council unanimously adopted a resolution to appoint nine stakeholders to an ad hoc committee that will help develop a form-based code for the downtown commercial area.
When plans for the new zoning regulations were presented at the Jan. 12 meeting, they included a seven-member committee made up of a property owner, business operator, citizen planner, design professional, financial expert, Traffic and Parking Committee member and one at-large resident.
Mosier said he didn’t like the composition.
“It doesn’t have enough people who are impacted by the plan,” he said. “It also looks to me like something that’s going to result in a stalemate and slow the process down.”
Rather than specifically list the required area of expertise for each member, Earnest and Mosier proposed a committee that includes one property owner, one business owner, two at-large residents and five others.
At least one of the nine members must live in or adjacent to the central commercial zone.
To better address issues involved with developing the new laws, members will be selected based on their expertise in planning, design, energy conservation, traffic and parking, and financial or economic planning.
Using form-based code, each building will be redeveloped on a parcel-by-parcel basis rather than being treated basically the same, as is the process with existing zoning regulations.
The focus will be on form, scale and character of development and not dimensional standards such as setbacks, height limits and parking ratios.


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