Mayor announces she will undergo cancer treatment

ENCINITAS — Mayor Maggie Houlihan told the crowd at the end of the City Council meeting Jan. 29 that she is battling a recurrence of endometrial cancer. Her first bout began in September 2006.
“I’m doing everything I can both traditionally and alternatively to beat this darn thing,” she said. Houlihan began treatments this week. “I have a lot of support from a lot of people,” she said in an interview later.
“Treatments will last until June,” Houlihan said. The mayor said she will continue to perform her duties. “I might be bald after a few treatments, but it will still be me and I will still be representing the people of Encinitas,” she said.
Houlihan was presented a bouquet of flowers after the meeting as friends and supporters wished her well.
“I have no doubt that Maggie will continue to be a diligent public servant,” said Sharon Wallace, an Encinitas resident. “She’s dedicated to the city’s best interest and cancer won’t change that.”
Houlihan, 60, was elected to her first term on the council in 2000. She began her third term and one-year mayoral rotation in December. Houlihan received more votes than any other candidate in the 2004 and 2008 elections.


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