LETTERS: Jan. 16, 2009

Santa Fe Irrigation District recognizes Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club’s conservation assistance

The Santa Fe Irrigation District wishes to thank the Rancho Santa Fe Garden Club for hosting the district’s water conservation classes at the garden club’s lovely facility. Each year, President Hal Sexton and Kathy Karsen have consistently managed to fit the district’s classes into their busy event schedule.
The classes educate area residents in managing their landscapes during the ongoing drought and for long-term water conservation. By applying the irrigation and plant-oriented information to their landscapes, residents can look forward to beautiful gardens with reduced water usage. Ultimately, these measures will help to protect and preserve this historically beautiful region while conserving water. It’s not too late to learn what you can do. The next California-Friendly Landscape Training class will be March 7.
If you are looking for more information on how to conserve water and you want to give back to the community, please consider joining the district’s Water Ambassador Program. For more information, visit the conservation page at www.sfidwater.org or call Jessica Parks at (858) 227-5799.
Michael Banks
Water Conservation Specialist


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