Decanter Restaurant & Wine Lounge set to open

RANCHO SANTA FE — On Jan. 30, Decanter Restaurant & Wine Lounge will open its doors to the public. Located in Rancho Santa Fe’s new Cielo Village, Decanter will showcase more than 200 wines by the glass and nearly 4,500 wines will be available by the bottle from around the globe.
Not only does Decanter offer the largest selection of wine by the glass in the country, but they also provide a full menu. Wine and food pairings are Decanter’s specialty where an ever-changing daily menu of unique wines and plates are inspired by fresh Chino Farm produce and seasonal local ingredients. Decanter provides a tranquil ambience, where one can relax in comfortable lounges in front of a flat screen television or sit on the outdoor patio while taking in the beauty of North County’s rolling hills.
“I have felt that Rancho Santa Fe and North County has been long overdue for
a new upscale and contemporary restaurant that provides a tranquil atmosphere, great wine and most importantly great cuisine,” owner Jayson Knack said. “We wanted a place where diners could come and relax while enjoying fine dining and an exquisite variety of wine.”
Decanter Restaurant & Wine Lounge is located at 18021 Calle Ambiente in Rancho Santa Fe. For reservations or more information, call (858) 756-9333 or visit


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