Horizon Prep gets ‘Charged’ up

RANCHO SANTA FE — Students at Horizon Prep got permission to shed their uniforms and don their most imaginative Chargers outfits, complete with lightning bolts and blue and gold hair. In an effort to show their support of the Chargers, as the local team prepared for the playoffs, students had spirit and energy to spare.
Gathering in front of the school before classes began, students participated in warm-up drills and even ran a “Chargers Victory Lap” around the campus, all under the direction of Athletic Director Matt Roy.
The highlight of the prep rally was the “Touchdown Dance Competition.” All students were invited to participate but competition thinned out as a handful of students were chosen to compete in the finals. The contest was fierce but ultimately with his “worm wiggle” and impressive handstands, fourth-grader Jake Boone was chosen victor.
Even the teachers competed in a “Teacher Touchdown Dance.” Smooth moving sixth-grade teacher, Mrs. Sutherland won the competition, but without the ‘worm wiggle’ she was no serious competition for Jake Boone.
Jake’s prize? A “free-dress day” which means he can shed his uniform and wear other casual clothes instead. Or perhaps his Charger outfit again.


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