Letters: November 28, 2008

Nothing calming about these traffic measures
We could have spent some of the $300,000 plus being paid to Peltz and Associates for holding these “workshops” and for design from A Street to North Court, on actual plantings and watering, restoring some of the trees already cut down. On Nov. 13, public speakers were not allowed, and the “presentation” went on for 1.5 hours, instead of the promised 45 minutes. We then had half an hour to fill out surveys and to “mingle.”
Most people I’ve spoken with don’t care for the plan; the surveys should demonstrate that most in attendance aren’t in favor of five roundabouts, nor in favor of only one traffic lane northbound. Traffic would be congested, not calmed, resulting in more cars using both Neptune, which runs northbound, and Vulcan, as alternatives to North Highway 101. Freeway traffic jams would then result in worsening neighborhood traffic hazards.
We could slow people down by reducing the speed limit, putting in a couple more stop signs, and a couple of U-turn lanes. Walkability is already improved with new sidewalks.
The majority of citizens attending the workshops do not buy that this would be traffic “calming.” How calm are people when they are stuck, fuming, in a bottleneck caused by five roundabouts in just over two miles of highway!
Most residents, commuters and local businesses are not in favor of this as will also be shown by the hundreds of signatures on the petitions at Leucadia Glass and Sub Palace. Please sign the petitions!
Lynn Braun Marr

Bilbray get on board to reverse global warming
In light of the increasing media coverage of climate change caused by global warming, I’d like to add my voice to the growing numbers of concerned citizens. Having grown up in North County and surfed the local beaches, I love this place as much as the next guy. Surfing has given me a deeper sense of connection to the natural environment and so I feel a responsibility to practice good stewardship. Now, I don’t know for sure that the predictions of rising sea levels and other catastrophic climate changes are real, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to err on the side of caution by altering my lifestyle a little bit now so I can possibly avoid a more radical disruption in the future. I also want my kids and grandkids to enjoy the same beautiful coastline and amazing climate that I was fortunate enough to experience as a kid. I recently learned that leading climate scientists are calling for an 80 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050 in order to reverse global warming and I’d like to urge Congressman Brian Bilbray to support the cause.
Morgan Machen


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